Examples of previous projects

Worked with CEO and senior management team to deliver major reorganisation and staff retrenchment. Developed talent management plans and strategies. Mentored local HR Manager to improve HR and communication practices to achieve international best practice standards.

Power company, Singapore

Developed a detailed professional and personal competency framework.  Coached and mentored MD and nine other members of the leadership team to develop greater self-confidence and leadership skills in their goal to attain international standards.

Vietnamese HR consultancy firm, Ho Chi Minh City

Reviewed history and structure of bonus scheme and made recommendations for revised approach, which reflected employee output more closely and enhanced communication processes.

Professional institute in UK

Established the HR infrastructure for a JV start-up, liaising with partner companies to introduce a mutually acceptable framework of policies, procedures and terms and conditions which met the needs of the new business.

Infrastructure public/private partnership in UK

Acted as sounding board for the CEO on strategic, staffing and communications issues. Worked with CEO and senior management team to recruit to key senior roles, and to review and strengthen their HR strategies, policies and practices.

IT company

Coached and mentored experienced and newly appointed managers and leaders to deal with current issues and develop and improve a range of management and leadership skills, such as staff management, communications, building effective relationships, time management.

Various businesses

Coached a wide range of individuals - employed, self-employed and not working - on issues including developing self confidence, future career direction, stress management and family relationships. A common theme was the individual's desire to make changes in their life.