What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is a bit like working with a personal trainer on developing your thoughts and behaviours. Your needs, your goals, your hopes and fears will be the focus of the discussions. Coaching will tap into your inner - maybe hidden - resources and allow them to flow more freely to create a wider pool of possibilities. It gives you something of immediate value and use.

How will you benefit from coaching?

How will coaching benefit your organisation?

How does it work?

Coaching is undertaken face to face or over the telephone. This makes international coaching a real option.

Unless otherwise agreed, the content of coaching will be kept confidential.

Normally, a series of sessions is scheduled, each lasting between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on your learning style and schedule. Sometimes a single session is enough.

What clients say

With a personal career background in Management Development, I have always been a supporter of "coaching".  It is only however through working with Charlotte (during a very difficult personal time for me) that I have really understood the real and tangible benefits of coaching.

Charlotte is an extremely good coach.  Her greatest skill is her listening ability which she uses to great effect, to subtly guide discussions and inject useful exercises/techniques, allowing individuals to work issues out for themselves.  I cannot find words to recommend her services highly enough.

CB, HR Director