What clients say

I’ve found our sessions really useful throughout the year, you have helped me think in a more structured way about what I want to do and can do.

It has also stimulated me to take action to progress my career that I otherwise would have probably only thought about and, as we've identified, I need (OK, I mean "want") to keep moving forwards.

The coaching throughout last year helped open my eyes to what I could achieve and has given me new skills to help identify what I want.

EC-L, H & S Manager

Thank you so much for the excellent coaching you have provided these past few months - it has been very developmental for me and I have enjoyed your style and pace greatly.

SB, Organisational development consultant and coach

Charlotte has been my coach on a regular long term basis and has provided me with support around various elements of my life, from developing my business, improving relationships with others, both in and out of work and aspects of self confidence and self motivation.  Charlotte has the ability to create a safe space in which my development can occur and she does this with a very calm, respectful, kind and considerate way. 

As a professional, she has effectively guided me through processing difficult and challenging situations, enabling me to make better decisions and see what is happening around me with a clearer perspective.  As a direct result of this coaching my self confidence has improved, as has my ability to listen to myself and get what I want and need out of life, work and relationships.

SM, Consultant and coach

As a coach myself I can say that Charlotte has been a wonderful mentor/coach for me over the past couple of years. She has a tremendous range of skills which are used to great effect. I would particularly highlight her insight, and empathy, and appropriate balance of patience and positive encouragement.

She has a tremendous understanding of both psychological and the more practical issues in my personal and business worlds, and I look forward to her continuing support.

LN, Tax consultant and coach